Tesco Food Love Stories

The Brief:

‘Behind every meal we love is a story.’ In Janaury 2017, Tesco announced their ‘Food Love Stories’ campaign. Throughout 2017, Tesco will be telling the stories behind customers' signature dishes. We were asked to help with the launch by producing printed material and a video to introduce their colleagues to the campaign.

What we did:

The solution:

We designed a pocket guide which outlined to colleagues the purpose of the campaign, as well as showing the various meals that would be advertised within their stores. The guide can be filled in to show where the ingredients are located in the store so that colleagues can help and direct customers, and also gives advice on how to speak to customers about the campaign.

The poster shows colleagues all the meal ingredients and recipes that are described in the pocket guide. The video explains how stores will be implementing the changes and how Tesco will be advertising ‘Food Love Stories’ through the media and in stores.

Pocket guide


Shots from the video